Just Released: Magic Pantry 3.0
Update 3.0 just dropped for Magic Pantry!
The update sports a fresh user interface and larger text for compatibility with all members of your family.

I've developed a lightning fast grocery app that syncs across all of your devices without subscriptions. Who likes subscriptions anyway?

Magic Pantry is special kind of app, especially when it comes to finances. Unlike other similar apps, Magic Pantry is a "one-time" payment app. That means you pay a small fee once and have access to the full set of features, forever.

Magic Pantry was designed for tech-savvy families around the world that long for an infinitely long grocery list! Everyone in the family can contribute to your lists which sync across all of your devices at lightning-fast speeds and with no interruptions or annoyances.

Magic Pantry was also created with ease of use in mind as all of the text is large enough for every family member to read - even grandma! Our app offers a simple user interface making it easy for anyone to use with just a few taps.
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